Two brown envelopes arrived from Portland, Maine.  Each with a bright, round sticker.  Issues five and six of 3191 Quarterly from Stephanie and Mav of 3191 Miles Apart. I’ve loved the tender photographs, vision, creativity and quiet generosity of these two women since they began their Year of Mornings project in 2007.  Last year, we savoured the first four issues based on the seasons and reminding us of the simple pleasures of a cherished domestic life.

Stephanie and Mav tend and observe their daily lives with the eye of an artist and the mindful attention of a modern day sage.  They offer us the possibility of stillness and balance without loosing touch with the lovely mess, vitality and creative energy of every day existence.

Visit them HERE . You’ll be inspired. They’ve got hygge waxed.

3191 Miles Apart
Posted by Louisa Thomsen Brits on 24 February 2012